TU Wien Informatics

20 Years

Services of Informatics

We define the overall financial, infrastructural, public relations, and personnel strategy to provide a robust foundation for the future development of TU Wien Informatics.

Gerti Kappel

Computer Engineering

We at the Institute of Computer Engineering deal with all aspects of the direct interaction between computer systems and their environment. Designing such systems is our scientific and technological challenge.

Johann Blieberger, Head of Institute

Logic and Computation

At the Institute of Logic and Computation we pursue basic and applied research on logical and algorithmic methods for modeling, constructing, and analyzing computer systems with a scope ranging from software systems to large scale information networks like the world wide web.

Thomas Eiter, Head of Institute

Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology

We at the Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology investigate the design and development of key technologies in the areas of computer vision, computer graphics, visualization, augmented/mixed/virtual reality, human-computer interaction, and socially embedded technologies.

Robert Sablatnig, Head of Institute

Information Systems Engineering

At the Institute of Information Systems Engineering we provide foundational and advanced techniques, algorithms, design and engineering approaches to model complete lifecycles of data-intensive and distributed information systems.

Jens Knoop, Head of Institute