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Recognition of Exams

If you take exams outside of your enrolled studies, you can have them recognized under certain conditions.

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What Can Be Recognized?

Equivalent Exams

Exams that you have taken at another accredited post-secondary educational institution as part of a regular course of study, or at TU Wien as part of another course of study, can be recognized for course examinations in your informatics curriculum if they are largely equivalent in terms of scope, content and level of requirements.

You will seek recognition of examinations if, for example, you have changed university or study program during your studies, if you are pursuing dual studies or if you have taken exams during a stay abroad (typical ERASMUS program). (In the regular study program, however, exams must always be taken at the parent university—i.e. at TU Wien. “Examination tourism” in which individual examinations are avoided by taking them abroad is not supported by recognition).



In order to have such exams recognized, please complete the relevant form in full and email it to us. Do not forget to provide us with the official signed certificates of the issuing institution. The Notification of Recognition will be sent to the address stated in the form.