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Starting Winter 2023

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Why Study With Us?

Future-Proof Knowledge

Our bachelor programs give skills to create future technology. All aspects of modern informatics are covered, along with the underlying theory and foundations in economics, medicine, law and business. You also develop practical skills, such as programming and hardware systems. Our students benefit from the faculty’s excellent research and from our extensive facilities which contain advanced lecture theaters, dedicated practical rooms and loads of technology.


Our graduates’ knowledge and skills embody principles which will outlast today’s technology, making them highly sought after by industry and commerce alike. Most of our students go on to work in the computer industry, while others pursue further study and careers in teaching and research. Many graduates have founded successful companies or have easily found employment in software, hardware, the games industry, finance, communications and commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any access restrictions?

Yes, access to all bachelor programs at TU Wien is restricted. In order to apply to one of our bachelor programs, you need to participate in an admission procedure. In addition, you need to prove your prove your proficiency in German. Head over to our First Steps page to learn more.

Which program is right for me?

Simply browse through the individual pages for our programs (see above). Each page provides an overview of the program, as well as links to the full curriculum, list of courses, and answers to program-specific questions. If you have additional questions, the student council offers a wide range of advisory services: FS Inf, FS Winf.

I’m new, where can I get oriented?

Head over to our First Steps page. It has all the important information, dates, events, and todos for the beginning of your first semester.

I’m looking for a thesis topic, where do I go?

Open thesis topics are usually announced via TISS. To see all available bachelor thesis topics, please configure the TISS search form as follows (we unfortunately can’t provide a direct link): Click the “Extended Search” button, set thesis type to “Bachelor Thesis”, set faculty to “Faculty of Informatics”, and click the “Search” button.

I’m about to graduate, what do I do?

We’ve prepared a nice step-by-step guide on how to apply for your bachelor degree. Please follow the guide and if you have any questions, contact our Study Services team.