TU Wien Informatics

20 Years


We at the Institute of Computer Engineering deal with all aspects of the direct interaction between computer systems and their environment. Designing such systems is our scientific and technological challenge.

Our scope includes the lowest level of circuit and hardware architectures as well as safety-critical cyber-physical systems such as industrial automation and smart grids in, amongst others, the healthcare, spacecraft, and automotive industries.

Our corresponding research activities focus on but are not limited to an integrative view of a multitude of system aspects, including hardware architectures, continuous/discrete systems, parallelism and communication, dependability, real-time processing, low-power design, energy and resource efficiency, decision and control theory, autonomy complemented by other disciplines (e.g. continuous mathematics, system theory, and electrical engineering).

Current research topics address digital circuits and hardware architectures, parallel and distributed, dependable, real-time systems, hybrid systems and optimal control, quantitative and runtime verification, computational modeling and simulation, autonomous systems, robotics and automation systems integration, and cyber-physical social systems and the Internet of Things.

The Institute of Computer Engineering is the nexus of the faculty’s research focus of Computer Engineering.