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The Center for Coordination and Communication administers the Vienna PhD School of Informatics, and is the organizational wrapper around our Communications and IT Services groups.


Our role is to enhance our faculty’s international visibility and help build effective relationships. We engage with the media, the general public and external stakeholders and coordinate internal communications.

IT Services

We supervise all basic teaching (Grundlehre) labs, and provide the informatics.tuwien.ac.at website and its related web properties.

Vienna PhD School of Informatics

Founded in 2009, the Vienna PhD School of Informatics provides the framework for the doctoral education at TU Wien Informatics in an international, open, and diverse environment. No matter which doctoral program PhD students chose, they are members of the Vienna PhD School of Informatics.

We aim to foster scientists who have broad knowledge and expertise in the domain and responsively contribute to the development of science. With this mission in mind, we strive to attract bright and motivated students from around the world and provide them an environment where their talents can flourish.

To make this a reality, our services comprise

  • maintaining the highest quality in evaluation of and guidance through the preparation of the PhD thesis,
  • regularly inviting internationally renowned visiting professors to give courses for our students,
  • creating networking opportunities through social events and others, and
  • assisting with application, admission, relocation, etc.

Coordination and Communication is part of Services of the Faculty of Informatics.

Clarissa Schmid
Clarissa Schmid C. Schmid

Office Services

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Ulrike Weisz U. Weisz

Office Services
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