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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the excellence program Bachelor with Honors.

Structure and Application

The composition of your individual Bachelor with Honors study program is primarily a matter of your personal interests. Essentially, you can choose between a program that either complements your regular bachelor program in an interdisciplinary way, or one that broadens or deepens some areas of your regular bachelor program. Try to assemble courses matching your interests that are coherent topic-wise and, if possible, can be subsume under a crisp title (like “scientific computing” or “specialization in security”). As a rule of thumb, your chosen program is usually fine if you can write a convincing justification.

Eligible Courses

  • Mandatory courses from official bachelor programs at universities, which complement or broaden your regular bachelor program and are relevance for science, subject to the fulfullment of the required prerequisites.
  • Informatics-related courses from official master programs at universities, which deepen some areas of your regular bachelor program, science, subject to the fulfullment of the required prerequisites.
  • Bachelor with Honors-specific courses from the list below and, subject to approval by the Deans of Academic Affairs, complementary or soft-skill courses (languages, scientific presentation etc.)


Note that the term “standard Bachelor with Honors-program” refers to a 45 ECTS program, as opposed to the “extended Bachelor with Honors-program” with up to 60 ECTS.

  • There is no Bachelor with Honors-specific extended bachelor thesis project. However, you can foresee one additional regular bachelor practical (6 ECTS) as part of the standard Bachelor with Honors-program.
  • At most one seminar (3 ECTS) in the standard Bachelor with Honors-program.
  • The inclusion of any course in your individual Bachelor with Honors study program is only possible if you can justify having all the prerequisites, e.g., bia appropriate courses in our regular bachelor program.

Dedicated Bachelor with Honors Courses

  • 1 ECTS SE Orientierung Bachelor with Honors der Informatik und Wirtschaftsinformatik (mandatory)
    • Covers mentoring effort (once per mentee, upon admission to the Bachelor with Honors program)
    • First steps Bachelor with Honors community building
  • 6 ECTS PR Bachelor with Honors Internship-Projekte (external supervision) (optional)
  • 3 ECTS VU Internationale Summer/Winter School (optional), or 2 ECTS VU Internationale Summer/Winter School (optional) — To get a certificate for this course, you need a certificate of attendance from the summer/winter School, which must provide the following information (X=75 for 3 ECTS, X=50 for 2 ECTS): “Name” has successfully participated in the Summer/WinterSchool “Title”, “Date”, “Place”, which amounted to a students workload of at least X hours.”

With support from your mentor, please check the compatibility of a considered summer/winter school w.r.t. the general topic of your individual Bachelor with Honors-program, and the compatibility with the above requirements before your apply! The certificate for the course will be issued by the Deans of Academic Affairs on request of your mentor (who has to send the above mentioned certificate of attendance and a short justification of the to be issued grade by email).

The standard Bachelor with Honors program comprises 45 ECTS and is subject to certain constraints (e.g, not more than one practical). To be able to “emulate” a full 4-years bachelor program, which is a mandatory prerequisite in many international master and doctoral programs, one needs 60 ECTS. Therefore, we offer an extended Bachelor with Honors program with up to 60 ECTS, where fewer restrictions apply.

Advice and support in the application phase, in particular, for the composition of your Bachelor with Honors study program, and primary contact point in all matters related to the program and your studies in general. Your mentor will also help you in finding internship hosts, summer/winter schools, and getting in touch with international researchers in general.

Note that the mentor need not (but can, of course) be the supervisor of your bachelor thesis or at your internships.

Every faculty member with habilitation is eligible for being a mentor. Please consult the Program Coordinator or one of our Deans of Academic Affairs if you don’t know who might fit your areas of interest.
Yes, provided that you can still meet all the completion criteria for the Bachelor with Honors program and have completed your regular bachelor program after October 1, 2017.
In principle, yes. However, your revised individual program will be scrutinized by the Deans of Academic Affairs according to the admission criteria, which also includes your performance in all the courses taken so far. It is hence quite likely that an exchange that is solely driven by this purpose will be noticed and rejected.
Through graduation in the Bachelor with Honors program, you can prove your exceptional performance way more effectively and internationally visible than with a distinction in your regular bachelor program. Moreover, it opens up additional possibilities that you may not consider relevant right now but may become relevant when you finish. In any case, the extra effort, which can be limited by a smart design of your Bachelor with Honors study program, would be an investment in your future.
Our (extended) Bachelor with Honors program is compatible with a 4-years international bachelor program, which will increase your chance to get admission to excellent international graduate schools. A Bachelor with Honors graduation gives you a clear competitive advantage.

Internships and Scholarships

First of all, you need to find a host institution, ideally one of our current internship partners. Consult the information given there to find out about possible application deadlines, topics, contact persons, etc., and figure out, together with your mentor, whether you should indeed apply. For other host institutions, your mentor should check whether it meets our eligibility criteria and, if so, help you to establish the first contact.
For dedicated calls for scholarship applications, you will find information here. To apply for scholarships in the context of WWTF or FWF, you need to identify a relevant project and to contact its project leader.
It is not appropriate if an internship project takes substantially longer than the equivalent of 6 ECTS (i.e., 150 hours, about four weeks full-time). The reason is that excessive practicals create the danger of losing focus and possibly even failing the challenging completion criteria (average grade or maximum duration). Should you nevertheless plan a considerably longer internship, e.g., via the 60 ECTS extended Bachelor with Honors program, you should consult the Dean of Academic Affairs before for advice.
If the host meets our requirements, it is sufficient if your mentor certifies this after your internship, when requesting accreditation from the Dean of Academic Affairs. Otherwise, you need to get approval from the Dean of Academic Affairs before your internship starts. A list of out current academic and industrial partners is available [here]](/bachelor-with-honors/#internships).


The “Gesamtnote” of every “Prüfungsfach” (according to the curriculum document) must not be worse than “2-Gut”, and at least as many of the “Prüfungsfächer” completed with “2-Gut” must have been completed with “1-Sehr Gut”. The “Gesamtnote” of a “Prüfungsfach” is computed as the ECTS-weighted average of all the courses it comprises of; it must be less or equal to 1.5 to earn “1-Sehr Gut”.
The completion criteria must be satisfied within at most nine semesters, starting from the beginning of your very first regular Bachelor program in Informatics or Business Informatics: All courses, exams etc. must have been completed by the official end of your 9th semester (including the “Nachfrist” WS: end of November, SS: end of April), with certficates issued for those dates at the latest.
No, it is a document issued by TU Wien that certifies your additional qualification.
No. For admission to one of the doctoral programs at TU Wien you need a master degree. Note carefully, however, that a smart design of your Bachelor with Honors study program (namely, a fair share of courses from a suitable master program) would allow you to complete a master program reasonably faster.