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Doctoral School Curriculum

Doing a doctoral study is not just about doing research and writing a thesis. For good reasons, there is also a certain amount of coursework involved. On this page, you will learn how the curriculum gives you the background for your research.

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The basic doctoral curriculum foresees an overall of 180 ECTS, of which 162 are dedicated to elaborating the doctoral thesis, while another 18 ECTS must be contributed by taking courses. Of course, these courses shall support the quality of your research work by providing the necessary methodological foundations and expertise in your specific research area. That is why our standard procedure distinguishes between fundamental courses – of which at least 6 ECTS need to be taken – and area courses. As an offer for the latter, the TU Wien Informatics Doctoral School regularly invites renowned international experts as visiting professors.

Fundamental and Area Courses

Elective Courses

Please note that elective courses do not count towards the 18 ECTS of your doctoral program but may still be valuable for your research work or further career.


The basic curriculum is the formal underpinning of our doctoral program. We offer the following specific curricula.


The specific degree you earn depends on the particular curriculum you’re inscribed for.

For the Engineering Sciences curricula, you will be awarded the “Dr.techn.” degree, and for the Social and Economic Sciences the “Dr.rer.soc.oec.” degree.