TU Wien Informatics

20 Years

Bachelor with Honors

Our excellence program enables you to prove your potential in individually designed challenges, nurture your talents, and engage you in scientific research.

“The Bachelor with Honors program is a great initiative and the internship program is especially laudable.” — The Members of our International Advisory Board, 2018 Report
“The Bachelor with Honors program is a great initiative and the internship program is especially laudable.” — The Members of our International Advisory Board, 2018 Report

Excellence Program

Challenge Your Talents

Designed as a one-year extension of our regular bachelor programs and comparable to the Anglo-American model, this excellence program is an additional offer to undergraduates in all our bachelor programs. As a qualified student, you will receive opportunities that challenge your talents and bring out your full potential. You will also broaden and deepen your professional knowledge and personal skills. Individual mentoring, paired with an interdisciplinary, flexible approach, and distinct and exclusively performance-based rules are the cornerstones of the program. Admission and graduation depend solely on performance.

A Program Tailor-Made For Your Talents

Together with your mentor you compose your Bachelor with Honors program according to your personal interests and talents. It is composed of a wide variety of topics and courses, including:

  • Research-related mandatory bachelor-level courses in any discipline offered by universities
  • Informatics-related master-level courses offered by universities
  • Specific courses and internships for Bachelor with Honors

Note: Your individually designed program needs to be approved by the Deans of Academic Affairs.

Your Excellence. Certified.

As a successful graduate you receive a certificate signed by the Rector, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, the Dean and the Dean of Academic Affairs, which acknowledges the completion of the Bachelor with Honors program and details your individual study program. Moreover, in a personal letter of recommendation the Rector highlights your distinguished achievements and, for having met all requirements for graduation, accepts you into the Top 5% of students at TU Wien.

Seize International Opportunities


We want to introduce our Bachelor with Honors students to the international scientific community and industry. To achieve this, we are working together with a select group of renowned and excellent research institutions and international industry-leading companies to offer you research-related internships:

  1. Choose an internship from the list above, check details and feasibility with the respective contact person (with or without involving the mentor here), and finally apply.
  2. If successful, please inform your mentor about your internship project. You need to provide the names of the institution and your external supervisor, and a short project description.
  3. After finishing the internship project, you need to deliver a final project report (also signed by the supervisor) to your mentor. In addition, external supervisors need to provide the mentor with a short performance report, which shall confirm the effort of 6 ECTS (=150 hours working time) and also include a proposed grade.
  4. The accreditation for PR "Bachelor with Honors Internship-Projekte" (6 ECTS) will be issued by the Dean of Academic Affairs upon request of the mentor (who needs to submit the final grade and a short justification, along with the final project report and the performance report).

Get Funded


As a Bachelor with Honors student you can apply for special scholarships, according to the following conditions and application requirements:

  • WWTF (Vienna Science and Technology Fund / Wiener Wissenschafts-, Forschungs- und Technologiefonds)
  • FWF (Austrian Science Fund / Wissenschaftsfonds)

For scholarships in the context of FWF or WWTF projects you need to identify a relevant research project, and contact the project leader.

  • TU Wien Informatics offers scholarships for Bachelor with Honors students going abroad for an internship project. / Contact: Ulrich Schmid