TU Wien Informatics

20 Years

Spin-Offs & Start-Ups

Numerous innovative companies have emerged as spin-offs and start-ups from our research activities. Some of them have become industry leaders or have created entirely new markets.

Artificial Researcher focuses on developing novel and innovative scientific knowledge management systems tailored to the needs of researchers and information search professionals.

BYRD gives online shops access to a professional and international e-commerce logistics network so online retailers can outsource everything and focus on their core competencies.

C2RO uses proprietary real-time cloud AI to provide data driven businesses with global analysis and recognition tools to transform their physical spaces into smart environments.

Codeversity provides a novel cloud-based, AI-supported education and training platform that enables adaptive learning, collaborative problem solving and smart content creation.

Cerbsim provides high end simulation technologies. Their mesh generator and finite element library are widely used in research to develop algorithms in a competitive and flexible environment.

CognitiveXR is a platform to enable smart-city-scale cognitive augmentation by seamlessly integrating augmented reality, edge computing, and Artificial Intelligence.

Cogvis develops state-of-the-art AAL (Active and Assisted Living) solutions that make life easier and safer for older people. The main product is fearless, the intelligent fall sensor.

Contextflow builds on radiology image search technology that was developed during the Khresmoi project at the Vienna Medical University by TU Wien graduates.

Ecosio helps energize enterprises and accelerate their growth – and their time to value – by transforming how commerce-critical information is exchanged, converted, processed and monetized.

emotion3D develops innovative computer vision and machine learning techniques with a focus on assisted/autonomous driving, 3D scene reconstruction, and user interaction.

eSquirrel is a teaching and studying platform on which people can teach in accordance with their schoolbooks or own learning material.

expressFlow develops innovative security apps such as SecureBeam which enables users to securely beam their confidential files to different cloud services.

Fiskaly offers country-specific APIs for all aspects of the receipt, helping retailers and POS providers to comply with fiscal regulations.

Forlan responds to the market’s growing demand for information security solutions and complementary products in the security market with a focus on network-based video surveillance.

IKANGAI Solutions focuses on mobile marketing and communication to help customers with their mobile marketing strategy by integrating new efficient digital products and services.

ImageTwin AI is an AI-based software for detecting integrity issues in figures of scientific articles to detect inappropriate manipulation and duplication in many figure types.

Independo is a digital calendar diary that has been developed with and for people who have difficulties reading and writing. It uses Metacom symbols and audio to present events.

kula is a mobile app that enables everyone to create mobile apps. It gives you a step by step guide that is easy to follow for non-technically skilled people.

Nanographics creates engaging and immersive visual experiences that explain complex scientific topics and make them understandable to wide audiences.

Oregano Systems provides design and consulting to integrate complex electronic systems, using FPGAs, ASICs, or embedded processors.

phine.tech is a startup that combines IT and telecom to make 5G more accessible. It offers a 5G sandbox for hands-on exploration and learning.

Potato is a framework that offers white box solutions with human in the loop learning to AI companies who want to automate text processing tasks.

Prewave provides AI risk and sustainability monitoring. It finds, understands and categorises risks affecting supply chains.

Procedural Design offers services for 3D artists, game designers, film makers and musicians to increase their work efficiency.

Project Networld offers a cloud-based, scaleable project management platform for complex industrial projects.

Reinvent focuses on IT consulting, development and innovation. Their core expertise covers areas of Cloud Computing, Social Computing and Internet of Things (IoT).

RISE F&E provides expertise in planning, IT architecture, IT infrastructure, IT strategy as well as software development, smart piloting, project and risk management.

Snipedy is a video-service to easily take out short clips of existing video streams. With their snackable length, they are perfect for promotions and to spread the news as video-quotes.

TTTech creates leading real-time networking platforms and safety controls to improve the safety and reliability of electronic systems in the industrial and transportation sectors.

VISUAPPS provides advanced visualization solutions for large volumetric datasets.

Vloor uses Deep Learning to create automated content for VR tours and 3D/2D visualizations for real estate marketing.

XIMES offers software and consulting services regarding workforce/working hours management.

Zeitgeber is a light therapy wake-up system that makes awakening enjoyable and improves mood, especially during winter.

Note: This is a highly dynamic environment, therefore this list may include companies which have since been acquired or ceased activities.