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Specialize Your Expertise

The purpose of a master program is to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for a professional career or doctoral studies. Our innovative programs allow you to specialize your degree to fit your academic and professional goals. You acquire state-of-the-art expertise through in-depth studies and research activities. As a graduate student, you benefit from the faculty’s excellent research and our extensive facilities, which contain advanced lecture theaters, labs, and loads of technology.

Careers in Leading Positions

As industries become more dependent on technology, the demand for eligible computer scientists continues to grow. While those with a bachelor degree may find success in the field, some of the highest-paying and fastest-growing positions require at least a master degree. Most of our alumni go on to work in the computer industry, while others pursue doctoral studies and careers in teaching and research. Many graduates have founded successful companies or have easily found leading positions in software, hardware, the games industry, finance, communications, health, energy and commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements?

Admission to our master programs requires a bachelor degree received from a university of applied sciences or through another equivalent study at a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad. In addition, you need to prove your prove your proficiency in English. Head over to our First Steps page to learn more.

Which program is right for me?

Browse through the individual pages for our programs (see above). Each page provides an overview of the program and links to the full curriculum, list of courses, and answers to program-specific questions. If you have additional questions, the student council offers a wide range of advisory services: FS Inf, FS Winf.

I’m new, where can I get oriented?

Head over to our First Steps page. It has all the important information, dates, events, and todos for the beginning of your first semester.

I’m looking for a thesis topic, where do I go?

Open thesis topics are usually announced via TISS. To see all available master thesis topics, please configure the TISS search form as follows (we unfortunately can’t provide a direct link): Click the “Extended Search” button, set thesis type to “Diploma Thesis”, set faculty to “Faculty of Informatics”, and click the “Search” button.

Do you have examples of excellent theses?

Sure! We honor the most excellent master theses with the Best Master Thesis Award.

I’m about to graduate, what do I do?

We’ve prepared a helpful step-by-step guide on how to apply for your master degree. Please follow the steps and if you have any questions, contact our Study Services team.

Expired Programs

Didactics of Informatics, UE 066 950

The master program Didactics of Informatics can no longer be enrolled. Before October 1, 2016, students admitted to this program have the right to complete it until November 30, 2021, subject to an uninterrupted continuing education report.