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Kurt Gödel Visiting Professorship

To further our international outreach, we invite highly renowned scientists to serve as Kurt Gödel Visiting Professors.


We at TU Wien Informatics are committed to the continuous development of our international reputation and visibility. With the Kurt Gödel Visiting Professorship, we are taking another important step towards expanding our international cooperation and ensuring excellence in science through the exchange at the highest level. At the same time, we create the foundation for sustainable, lively collaborations with the respective professor’s university.

A Kurt Gödel Visiting Professor is appointed for three years and teaches and pursues research about six weeks a year with students and scientists at TU Wien Informatics. The TU Wien Informatics Coordination Board selects suitable candidates. For a Kurt Gödel Visiting Professorship, we only consider internationally renowned, outstanding researchers closely connected to TU Wien Informatics.

Kurt Gödel Visiting Professor 2021-2023

 Frank Leymann
Frank Leymann

Frank Leymann

Frank Leymann is a full professor of computer science at University of Stuttgart, Germany. He is co-author of more than 400 peer-reviewed papers, about 70 patents, and several industry standards. He is elected member of the Academy of Europe and honorary professor of TU Wien.


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