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Jobs: Event and Content Expert (all genders)

TU Wien Informatics is hiring a full-time event manager for our Communications team.

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TU Wien Informatics is hiring a full-time member for our Communications team. Your role is focused on strategic event and contact management as well as social media content. Your expertise supports the dean of TU Wien Informatics, one of the eight faculties at TU Wien, Austria’s largest university for computer science, engineering, and natural sciences.

Your Job

You manage our events and contacts and support our social media content. You proactively conceptualize, strategize, and communicate all efforts in your fields.

You manage our events.

Our events vary in scope and effort: some are fully managed by us, others are co-organized with various stakeholders in various roles, some are brand-new and require intensive groundwork, and others are recurring and already well-practiced. Most of our events have a hybrid format, so some basic knowledge of streaming setups is important (but you don’t need to be an event technician). Scientific and study-related event context and content are usually provided by faculty members. As the event manager, you own all strategic, conceptional, operational, and financial tasks and are the primary contact for faculty, the dean’s office, guests, venues, partners, and attendees. But fear not, you are not alone! Our team supports you in handling administrative tasks, especially event communications, tech, and on-site support. You collect and analyze event and project specific data and together with the team and the faculty’s leadership, you shape and improve our event strategy.

Some of our events include:

You manage our contacts.

We are currently bringing our contact management up to date, technically and operationally, event-specific and overall. You are driving the strategic endeavors in selecting a contact management tool, data transfer, data collection and implementation. Once our approach has crystallized, you own day-to-day operations as the contact manager. You are responsible for event and press invitations, newslettering, and campaigns. You enable the team and the faculty’s leadership to get and stay in touch with partners and stakeholders.

You support our social media content.

Our social media presence is currently focused on LinkedIn and Facebook. In addition, we’re working on overhauling our YouTube presence. We care about great content that is useful to our audience and supports our overall agenda; we care much less about raw follower numbers or traffic generated. As social media manager, you support our social media strategy and its implementation. You develop strategies on how to use and enhance our existing and future channels, you plan campaigns and create content (based on or in addition to our output in other media), monitor our channels, and engage with our followers. You provide insight into how our social media presence is developing and, together with the team and the faculty’s leadership, shape its future.

Additional Information

If you already worked in academia, you probably have a good idea of what awaits you. If you come from the industry, you’ll notice that some things are a bit different at TU Wien. But don’t worry, we can guarantee a mindful onboarding process and plenty of time to learn. You’ll be part of a team that is happy to answer questions, share their experience, and soak up yours.

Like all non-scientific positions at TU Wien, this is mostly an on-premise job (our offices are located in Vienna’s 4th district, right across the street from Taubstummengasse subway station), with options for partial home office work.

This is a level IVa position with a minimum full-time gross annual salary of EUR 45,726.80, as per Austrian university law.

Your Profile

While we consider all applications, we emphasize that we’re looking for experienced candidates. We don’t expect you to have all the answers on day one, but you should have been doing this work before. And you want to do it again, with us. Inside knowledge and professional experience of how a large Austrian university works is definitely a plus but not a requirement. You may have a degree or not. We care about what you know and do, not how you learned it.

We need you because you know things we don’t know and can do things we can’t do. We value your proactive and strategic approach. We expect you to know what you’re doing. You’re seeing the “big picture” and know how to plan ahead and prioritize. You enjoy implementing your ideas down to the smallest task. Your opinions are strong and well-grounded in professional experience. You concisely communicate and defend your ideas. Yet, when necessary, you can commit, even when you disagree. You expect to give and receive direct and open feedback. You expect to be challenged. You expect to be counted on. You are curious and expect to keep learning, and you expect to be part of a team.

This is a full-time position in an environment that requires your full attention. We want your input, ideas, and creativity for 40 hours a week, but we’re not looking for an overtime superhero. We deeply believe in a healthy work/life balance, and your experience tells you which challenges to tackle full-on and what tasks to simplify, reshape, postpone, or even cancel (in coordination with the team and the faculty’s leadership).

TU Wien Informatics is an international and diverse faculty, so most of our output and internal communication is in English. Proficiency in both English and German is required and communication skills are key.

How to Apply

Applications have to be submitted exclusively via the TU Wien Jobs Portal until June 27, 2024.

Please submit your application and cover letter that speaks directly to this position. We’re also curious about your language skills, so please send us your cover letter in both German and English.