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Actions We Take: In Research

We are strongly committed to promoting women in research, and will continue to push for gender equity in informatics. Talent has no gender.

Honorary Professor Christiane Floyd at our panel discussion "More Female Scientists in Computer Science. Who cares?" in 2017.
Honorary Professor Christiane Floyd at our panel discussion “More Female Scientists in Computer Science. Who cares?” in 2017.
Picture: Christian Lendl / TU Wien Informatics

Our Actions

We are convinced that to bring more women into our faculty, we need to take a variety of actions. We regularly post job openings specifically dedicated to the promotion of female researchers. Since 2006, we have filled more than ten post-doctoral and created four doctoral positions. We have established a tenure track position exclusively for women, introduced a mentoring program for female researchers, promote women’s participation at conferences, and implemented a women’s quota for guest professorships.

Our Programs

Pre- and Post-Doctoral Positions for Women

Since May 2006, we regularly offer pre- and post-doctoral assistant positions dedicated specifically to women. This special measure has already helped to increase the proportion of women among the scientific staff of our faculty by creating over 10 post- and 4 pre-doctoral assistant positions. According to our Plan on Women’s Advancement in Informatics , post-doctoral positions shall continue to be explicitly advertised for women. We have set ourselves the goal of being able to announce such dedicated post-doctoral positions every two to three years.

Tenure Track Positions

In a TU Wien competition, the faculties were called upon to submit sustainable gender equality concepts. Our concept paper convinced the rectorate and in 2016, we have been awarded a tenure track position dedicated exclusively to women. In 2017, we were able to announce yet another such position.

Promoting Role Models

We bring young female pre-doctoral assistants to the forefront and position them as role models. One measure of this is the offer to partially cover the funding of conference participation from faculty funds if a woman gives the lecture.

A Women’s Quota for Guest Professorships

For guest professors, i.a. at the TU Wien Informatics Doctoral School, a women’s quota has been implemented. At least one of 5 positions shall be awarded to a woman.

Gender Competence as Professional Requirement

We regard gender competence as a central and important quality in our faculty. We therefore explicitly require a demonstrable methodological and theoretical competence in gender-relevant qualities in all our job openings, especially for professorship vacancies.

Raising Awareness Among Our Faculty

In order to raise awareness of the topic of promoting women among our faculty, we need to further develop our members’ gender competence. For this purpose, they are encouraged to actively participate in competence workshops at least once per year and unit. Over the next few years, the foundation of gender competence within our faculty shall be continuously and sustainably developed.

TU Wien Programs

Online Mentoring

We are actively involved in TU Wien Online Mentoring, our university’s mentoring program for female scientists.