TU Wien Informatics

BSc Software and Information Engineering

  • Bachelor Program
  • UE 033 534

As a Software Engineer you develop, analyze and design software, ensure its quality, and maintain your applications. As an Information Engineer you are concerned with the generation, collection, processing, distribution and presentation of information.



  • Duration: 6 Semesters
  • ECTS Worth: 180
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Language: German
  • Restricted Admission: Yes / Process
  • Curriculum: PDF / Courses

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What are the contents of the program?

In addition to the basic theories and methods of computer science, the central contents include statistical data analysis, program and system verification, usability engineering, modeling and project management. You are introduced to the mindset of computer science, learn declarative problem solving as well as the development of web applications. The contexts of system development bring you closer to ethical and social relevance and you will understand the requirement of interactive system and human/computer interfaces.

You engage with the operation and programming of microcontroller and operating systems and, subsequently, their basic function for fields such as embedded systems or IoT. In addition to topics of project management, you will be confronted with the security-related and legal-political aspects and learn to apply strategies and security measures in order to successfully complete IT projects from a security point of view.

Which qualifications do I acquire?

The program teaches you basic knowledge in the field of computer science and a critical understanding of their theories and principles as well as generally profound knowledge of basic and methodological knowledge in algorithms and data structures, architecture of computer and software systems, mathematics, probability theory, statistics, human-machine interaction and programming paradigms.

In addition to the core competences of computer science, the bachelor degree program Software & Information Engineering provides you with extensive specific knowledge of these disciplines, including operating systems and compilers, databases and knowledge-based systems, data collection, information modeling, and parallel and distributed computing. To complement your qualification profile, an additional emphasis lies on security and law, software manufacturing and maintenance.

During your studies, you will develop important professional and personal skills that will boost your creativity and innovation potential, identify, analyze and solve problems, and enable you to master challenges in a critical, team-based and responsible manner.

What can I do with my degree?

As a graduate of this degree program, you are internationally competitive for a further qualification in the context of a relevant master program, but also for your work in the business world. The occupational fields of activity include, for example, expert development of information processing systems as a team member or leader as well as supportive tasks in the relevant research environment.