TU Wien Informatics


We focus on basic scientific research with a distinctly application-oriented, interdisciplinary approach.


The development of recent years has led to a diversification of research, which has been strongly influenced by the penetration of society with newly developed communication media, in particular the Internet. An important trend in computer science research is the increased mapping of system and hardware functionalities in software components. This makes them easier to configure and adapt. There is also a trend towards increasing abstraction or virtualization, as well as ever larger and more comprehensive IT systems: “Systems of systems” are emerging. Major challenges for research are the increasing complexity and constant change of these systems, their integration and the increasing dependence of society on the correct functioning of the systems.

Research Foci

We conduct research in Logic and Computation, Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology, Computer Engineering and Information Systems Engineering. These main areas not only reflect our strengths but also provides the basis for our bachelor and master programs. We take into account the dynamics of developments by constantly adapting our research to emerging requirements.