TU Wien Informatics

R & D Cooperations

We are a significant contributor to a wide range of research collaborations in both basic and applied research with industry.

Current Projects

Advanced Computational Design

  • FWF Special Research Programme
  • Since 2020

The SFB “Advanced Computational Design” addresses the research question how to advance design tools and processes through multi- and interdisciplinary basic research in the areas of digital architecture, integrated building design, computer graphics and virtual reality, discrete and applied geometry, and computational mechanics.

Austrian Blockchain Center

  • COMET Center of Competence
  • Since 2019

The Center’s mission is to be the one-stop-shop Austrian Research Center for Blockchain (and related) technologies to be applied in industrial applications such as IoT, financial, energy, logistics, government and administrative applications. The results will be the key to creating new jobs and establishing Austria among the top ten innovative countries in Europe.

CDL AI and Optimization for Planning and Scheduling

  • Christian Doppler Laboratory
  • Since 2017

Headed by Nysret Musliu, the project develops innovative problem-solving techniques based on the synergy of AI and optimization. These methods use machine learning for automatic selection, configuration and design of algorithms. New strategies based on the hybridization of methods from both fields are proposed.

CDL Recommender Systems

  • Christian Doppler Laboratory
  • Since 2022

Headed by Julia Neidhardt, the project develops methods to model and predict the behavior of various interrelated outcome dimensions (accuracy, diversity, novelty, and serendipity) and biases, taking into account different domains and a multi-level view of users (individual, group, and network levels). The lab cooperates with Falter Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H. and YKMB Software GmbH.

Center for Digital Production

  • COMET Center of Competence
  • Since 2016

The CDP supports companies in the digitization and automation of discrete manufacturing and production processes. Particular focus is on the needs of SMEs and the challenges resulting from the processing of small lot sizes. The portfolio includes virtual mapping of products and production systems, automation of design tasks, and machine-to-machine communication including sensor integration.

Secure Business Austria

  • COMET Center of Competence
  • Since 2006

SBA Research, founded in 2016, is a research center for Information Security funded partly by the national initiative for Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies. Within a network of more than 70 companies, 15 Austrian and international universities and research institutions, SBA works on research challenges ranging from organizational to technical security to strengthen Europe’s cybersecurity.

Security and Privacy by Design

  • FWF Special Research Programme
  • Since 2022

The SFB “SPyCoDe” creates technological foundations for realizing the principle of “Security and Privacy by Design,” providing companies with tools to build complex, inherently secure, and privacy-protecting systems. This research is a cross-cutting topic in computer science, combining groundbreaking insights in logic, system security, and cryptography.

Vienna CyberSecurity and Privacy Research Cluster

  • Research Center
  • Since 2019

The mission of ViSP is to unlock the true potential of the city by fostering collaborations between different institutes in Vienna. Through this collaboration ViSP strive to do impactful research and advance the state of the art, securing a pioneer role of Vienna in the research in Security and Privacy.

Virtual Reality und Visualisierung

  • COMET Center of Competence
  • Since 2000

Founded in 2000, VRVis is Austria’s leading research institution in the field of visual computing and operates innovative research and development projects in cooperation with industrial companies and universities. More than 70 experts do fundamental and applied industrial research, create vulnerable research prototypes, and develop software.