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Julia Neidhardt is a researcher at the E-Commerce Group (Institute for Software Technology and Interactive Systems) at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. Her research focuses on modeling complex individual behavior such as traveler preferences in tourism, team collaboration in online games, and peer influence in social networks. The aim of these projects is to utilize novel ways such as gamification and social network analysis to bridge social theories and methods in behavioral sciences and user modeling in data mining, and therefore to develop computational frameworks for individual behavior. She is also working in the area of recommender systems to apply this research. 

Julia Neidhardt holds a Master¿s degree in Mathematics from the University of Vienna. Now, she is enrolled in a doctoral program at the Vienna University of Technology that she is about to finish. She has developed a course for graduate students on Web Science / Social Network Analysis that she has been teaching at the Vienna University of Technology since 2011. Furthermore, she has been teaching regularly E-commerce at the Vienna University of Technology, as well as a course on gender aspects in mathematics at the University of Vienna. In 2013 and 2014 Julia Neidhardt spent several months abroad as a visiting scholar at the Visual Information Processing for Enhanced Retrieval (VIPER) research group at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and at the Science of Networks in Communities (SONIC) research group at Northwestern University, USA.


  • PostDoc Researcher
    E-Commerce, E194-04
  • Curriculum Commission for Business Informatics
    Principal Member












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