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Minor Program Digital Skills

  • Minor Program
  • UE 045 006

Learn the necessary skills to master tomorrow’s challenges in your field of expertise.



  • Duration: 3 Semesters
  • ECTS Worth: 30
  • Degree: Certificate
  • Language: German
  • Admission Requirements: Yes
  • Curriculum: PDF / Courses

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What to expect?

The minor program Digital Skills provides you with a fundamental, scientifically and methodologically high-quality education in the field of digital skills, which is geared towards lasting knowledge. As a graduate of the bachelor programs at TU Wien, this is of fundamental importance for you and will make you competent and internationally competitive for the demands of modern practice.

Why all this?

Computer science and its artifacts are everywhere. As a graduate of the minor program Digital Skills you will get a head start in your academic or industrial career. You will be able to deal with digital technologies in a creative and formative way, to change them and to develop them independently. This active participation in the innovation process is a highly valuable advantage on the job market.


You will acquire sound skills in the following areas in particular:

  • General basics of digitalization: being able to discuss and critically question fundamental concepts of digitalization
  • Computer science basics of digitalization: Develop basic understanding of computer science concepts such as algorithms, information models, data and visualization as well as technical basics of information systems
  • Digital transformation in fields of application: Recognizing the potential of digitization in the field of application of the respective major studies and implementing corresponding concepts

Furthermore, through theoretical and practical examination of methods, you will have the ability to assess the possibilities of digital transformation in various fields of research and application and to design new future-oriented systems in various fields of application through digital transformation.

Who can enroll?

It is open to bachelor students of all study programs offered at TU Wien. However, students in the field of informatics are excluded, as these skills are already taught in the course of their regular studies. Admission to the minor program Digital Skills requires the completion of a regular bachelor degree at TU Wien or the upright admission to a regular bachelor degree at TU Wien which is not in the field of Informatics.