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Florian Zuleger Wins Amazon Research Award

  • 2023-05-08
  • Research

In his project “ACUTE - Automated cost analysis of data structures” Zuleger aims to develop new methods for cost analysis.

Florian Zuleger Wins Amazon Research Award

Florian Zuleger was awarded the Amazon Science Award 2022 for his project “ACUTE - Automated cost analysis of data structures”.

How data is organized and stored can have a significant impact on an application’s performance. This is where cost analysis comes into play: it is used to learn more about the efficiency of data structures, escpecially those on a large scale. Florian Zuleger is working on a new approach to the cost analysis of probabilistic data structures. These specialized data structures are based on probabilistic algorithms and predominantly used for applications that need to process massive amounts of data in real-time, such as web search engines, network monitoring, and fraud detection systems.

Cost analysis in this field was previously done (semi)-manually. By automating the analysis, the accuracy and scalability of data structures increase significantly, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and performance of software applications.

About Florian Zuleger

Florian Zuleger is an Associate Professor at the Research Unit Formal Methods in Systems Engineering, part of the Insitute of Logic and Computation. He specializes in Verification, Program Analysis, Formal Methods, Automata Theory, and Logic.

About Amazon Research Awards

The Amazon Research Awards (ARA) program provides funds and AWS Promotional Credits to academic researchers investigating various research topics in multiple disciplines. In the fall 2022, proposals on AWS AI, Automated Reasoning, Prime Video, and Sustainability are funded. Recipients have access to more than 300 Amazon public datasets and can utilize AWS AI/ML services and tools through their AWS Promotional Credits. Recipients also are assigned an Amazon research contact who offers consultation and advice, along with opportunities to participate in Amazon events and training sessions.This cycle, ARA announced 79 award recipients who represent 54 universities in 14 countries.

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