Towards Model-Based Engineering with the Object Constraint Language

  • 2012-12-03
  • Research

MBE~(Model-Based Engineering) proposes to develop software taking advantage of models, in contrast to traditional code-centric development approaches.


MBE~(Model-Based Engineering) proposes to develop software taking advantage of models, in contrast to traditional code-centric development approaches. Typical graphical modeling languages like the UML~(Unified Modeling Language) or EMF~(Eclipse Modeling Framework) are complemented by the textual OCL~(Object Constraint Language) enriching graphical models with necessary details. Precise object-oriented development of system structure and system behavior is supported in the tool USE~(UML-based Specification Environment) with UML class, object, statechart, and sequence diagrams and with OCL class invariants, operation pre- and postconditions, state invariants, and transition pre- and postconditions. OCL is extended with programming language features that allow the developer to build implementations of operations on the modeling level. The tool USE assists the developer to validate and to verify model characteristics. Model properties to be inspected include consistency, redundancy freeness, checking consequences from stated constraints, and reachability.


Martin Gogolla is professor for Computer Science at University of Bremen, Germany and is the head of the Database Systems Group. His research interests include software development with object-oriented approaches, formal methods in system design, semantics of languages, and formal specification. Before joining University of Bremen he worked for the University of Dortmund and the Technical University of Braunschweig. His professional activities include: Publications in journals and conference proceedings; publication of books; speaker to university and industrial colloquia; referee for journals and conferences; organizer of workshops and conferences (e.g., the UML/MODELS conference); member in international and national program committees; contributor to international computer science standards (OCL as part of UML). Martin Gogolla is actively participating in the MODELS conference (as PB Member, PC member, PC chair, SC member, SC chair, Workshop organizer, Educators’ and Doctoral Symposium Organizer). He is involved in the organisation of the OCL workhops and the ICMT and TAP conferences. In his group, basic work on the semantics of and the tooling for UML, OCL and general modeling languages has been carried out. The group developes the OCL and UML tool USE (UML-based Specification Environment) since about 15 years.

Contact person at the TU Vienna

Katja Hildebrandt: Tel. +43 1 588 01 – 188 04


This talk is organized by the Business Informatics Group at the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems. Supported by the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) and the Center for Computer Science (Zentrum für Informatik Forschung, ZIF).


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