Parfait - Scalable and Precise Static Analysis for Bug Checking

  • 2010-09-10

Parfait is a static bug checking framework developed at Sun Labs, Oracle.

Der Arbeitsbereich für Programmiersprachen und Übersetzer am Institut für Computersprachen lädt zu folgendem Vortrag ein:


Parfait is a static bug checking framework developed at Sun Labs, Oracle. The Parfait tool checks C/C++ source code for common systems and security bugs. It is designed for precision and scalability: the tool runs over 8.6 million LOC of the OpenSolaris ON codebase in 1 hour, and reports thousands of bugs with a false positive rate of less than 10%. In this talk, I will share my experience in developing Parfait, introduce its various static analysis techniques, including a new symbolic analysis algorithm for buffer overflow detection, and discuss some of the major challenges that we are trying to solve.


Lian Li is a researcher at Sun Labs, Oracle. He is a member of the Parfait team, working on bug checking via static program analysis. His research interests focus on program language analysis and implementation, including static/dynamic analysis for bug detection, compiler optimization and parallel computing.

Before joining Sun Labs, Lian finished his PHD in University of New South Wales, Australia in 2007 and has worked in UNSW as a postdoc until 2008.


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