Quality of data and Quality of Services, how far are they?

  • 2010-01-15

Data quality if a very well known and studied research field in both academic and industrial community.

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Data quality if a very well known and studied research field in both academic and industrial community. Electronic data play a crucial role in the today ICT society. Because electronic data are so diffused the quality of data and its effect are more and more critical. In last decades several aspects of DQ have been investigating. DQ dimensions, metrics, and assessment tools are just few of the main research area. Other very important topics are record linkage (that is how identify if two tuples form different tables represent the same real world object) and data fusion. More recently Web Services and Services Oriented Architecture revolutionized the way in which distributed applications are realized. In this field the Quality of services is one of the most important topics. Several models, metrics, methodologies, tools and techniques have been defined for modeling, evaluating, composing QoS. Starting form this results several QoS based Web service discovery and selection framework have been proposed. According with the Web service vision a database management systems is a service data provider due to the fact that it receives a request (expressed in a query language) and returns and answer (e.g. a relational table). Following this approach various research effort have concentrated on the development of data as a service (DaaS). In this talk we analyze how far are DQ and QoS. In particular we show the most important DQ dimensions and metrics for Structured, semi and unstructured data, images and maps. Relevant QoS models, dimension will be also discussed with the goal to understand the similarity and to provide some hints for a broader discussion about the relationship between DQ and QoS.


Andrea Maurino is assistant professor position at the Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication (DISCo) of the University of Milan Bicocca. He obtained a his Ph.D. degree (2003) in Information and automation technology at Politecnico di Milano. Previous research activities include definition of models and methods for the design of data intensive web applications, definition of models for the Web services composition and eGovernment. In all these activities a common feature was study of quality aspects. In fact in the field of web applications he developed techniques for conceptual log based analysis with the goal to assess the quality of Web applications. In the area of SOA Andrea Maurino participated to the development of models and techniques for the (semantic) web services selection based on Quality of services/non functional properties. Moreover he participated in the development of new quality oriented eGovernment methodologies. Current research interests are the assessment of quality of database preserving the privacy of data and record linkage techniques in coopetitive domains. Recently he started to study how integrate data and service. The goal is to define models and techniques able to find at the same time data and services related to data. He published more than 30 papers in international Conferences and Journals. He was PC Member of several international conferences such as ICIQ, CAISE, ICSOC. Moreover he is one of the co-author of the NFP-SLA management Workshop.


Contact Person: Hong-Linh Truong.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Wolfgang Pauli Institutes.


  • Andrea Maurino, Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication (DISCo) University of Milano, Italy

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