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Andreas Brandstätter: Scuderia Segfault

  • By Sophie Wiesinger
  • 2024-05-17
  • Students

Andreas Brandstätter, PhD student at the Cyber-Physical Systems Research Unit, knows that not everything’s about size.

Andreas Brandstätter, PhD student
Andreas Brandstätter, PhD student
Picture: Theresa Aichinger-Fankhauser / TU Wien Informatics

If you thought that small cars were only toys from the 90ies that annoyed every adult in the room, you’re in for a ride (spoiler alert: they’re not)! Scuderia Segfault is a racing team at TU Wien Informatics that participates in autonomous races like the F1TENTH Grand Prix, an international racing competition in which computer-controlled model cars compete against each other. The 1:10 scale race cars are fitted with sensors and a computer, allowing them to drive autonomously on a racetrack.

Autonomous racing combines many different aspects, from mechanical engineering and electronics over computer engineering to software development. What makes Scuderia Segfault special is that all these things need to come together to make the team successful in races, and while Scuderia Segfault drives small model racing cars, the principles that are applied for perception, planning, and control to drive the car are the same as they would be for large-scale cars on our streets. As pioneers in the world of autonomous racing, Scuderia Segfault’s research and testing are shaping the future of autonomous driving in Europe and around the globe.

Scuderia Segfault was also a participant in this year’s F1TENTH Autonomous Grand Prix at the ICRA2024 from the 13th-17th of May in Yokohama, so stay tuned for more news and updates!

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Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/MczSQMo1YRo

Curious about Scuderia Segfault’s past successes? Learn more about it here: Scuderia Segfault:

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