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Moritz Grosse-Wentrup: Sustainability in Explainable AI

  • 2023-11-27
  • Public Lecture

Join our online public lecture series on sustainability in computer science this winter semester.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/PCiDciP689A

  • This is an online-only event.
    See description for details.

On November 27, 2023, the public lecture series “Sustainability in Computer Science” will focus on the new topic.

Moritz Grosse-Wentrup, Head of the Research Group Neuroinformatics at the University of Vienna, will give a talk on “Sustainability in Explainable AI”.


AI systems and machine learning models are increasingly deployed in high-stakes environments, e.g., in medical decision support or loan approval, where ethical and legal considerations require models to be interpretable. Recent research in interpretable machine learning (IML) and explainable AI (xAI) has made great strides in providing methods that reveal the inner workings of machine learning models. Several key challenges, however, remain to be addressed. In particular, these challenges include distinguishing between interpreting the model and using the model to interpret the data-generating process, and providing intuitive explanations suitable for domain experts rather than for AI researchers. In my presentation, I will provide an overview over IML/xAI methods and show how we can resolve (aspects of) these challenges by adopting a causal perspective on IML/XAI, which interprets models in the context of the data-generating process.


About Lecture Series “Sustainability in Computer Science”

The Public Lecture Series is the first of its kind in Austria, with all Austrian computer science departments and faculties participating, under the auspices of Informatik Austria. We want to raise awareness for the utmost importance of sustainability in CS, demonstrating research solutions to various problems, and triggering developments for a sustainable future.

The lecture series will be held online every Monday from 17:00-18:00. One hybrid session takes place on January 8, 2024, on-site at TU Wien and online.

Students from participating universities can register to get credits for the series. Please refer to your respective institution for registration.

TU Wien students can register for VU 194.155 “Sustainability in Computer Science” via TISS. Depending on your study program, the lecture series is a free elective or a “Wahlpflichtfach”, please refer to TISS for further information.

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