TU Wien Informatics

GCD Symposium 2022

  • 2022-09-09
  • Research

Take part in this year’s GCD symposium on geometry and computational design at TU Wien.

GCD Symposium 2022


Please send your name, affiliation, and email address to register. Attending the symposium will be free of charge.


Find all details on the program and speakers here.

  • 09:00 Registration

  • 09:30 Opening: Michael Wimmer (Director of the Center for Geometry and Computational Design, Head of the Special Research Programme Advanced Computational Design) and Josef Eberhardsteiner, Vice Rector for Digitalisation and Infrastructure at TU Wien

  • 09:45 William F. Baker (SOM) – On the Harmony of Structure, Architecture, and Geometry

  • 10:30 Coffee Break and SFB ACD exhibition

  • 11:15 Henriette Bier (TU Delft) – Computational Strategies for Design-to-Robotic-Production-Assembly and -Operation

  • 12:00 Selected Topics from the SFB “Advanced Computational Design” ACD, partner in the Advance AEC network.

  • 13:00 Lunchbreak (no catering) and SFB ACD exhibition

  • 14:30 Martin Bechthold (Harvard University) – Material Uncertainties

  • 15:15 Coffee Break and SFB ACD exhibition

  • 16:00 Dieter Schmalstieg (TU Graz) – Augmented Reality Meets Digital Twins

  • 16:45 Ludger Hovestadt (ETH Zürich) – Digital Architectonics

The SFB ACD exhibition closes at 18:00.

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