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EU And Sovereignty In Cyberspace: Cancelled!

  • By Clarissa Schmid
  • 2021-11-15
  • Social Responsibility

TU Wien Informatics Doctoral School invites to a talk by Guest Professor Paul Timmers.

Paul Timmers
Paul Timmers

EU And Sovereignty In Cyberspace

By Paul Timmers, University of Oxford, UK and European University Cyprus

In 1648 the Peace of Westphalia marked the origin of the international system of sovereign states. Over the next few hundreds of years the system of European states moved steadily forward – the EU being admired as an anchor of stability in a world of turmoil. But often Europa also moved away from “united in diversity” such that the EU is also loathed as “the light that failed”. Disruptive forces have more than once unsettled the quest for European identity, unity, and sovereignty. Is cyberspace such a force? Europa, quo vadis in cyberspace?

The lecture series on research talks by the guest professors of the TU Wien Informatics Doctoral School can also be credited as an elective course for students of master programs of computer science: LVA 195.072 Current Trends in Computer Science.

Hybrid Event: Cancelled!

Due to the difficult COVID situation the talk will be moved to 2022, when a live presentation in a lecture hall will be possible again.

About Paul Timmers

Paul Timmers is research associate at the University of Oxford (Oxford Internet Institute), professor at European University Cyprus and co-founder of the cybersecurity expertise centre Cyber.Cerides. He is also a visiting professor at Rijeka University, senior advisor to EPC Brussels, board member of Digital Enlightenment Forum and supervisory board member of the Estonian eGovernance Academy. He has been Director at the European Commission dealing with EU legislation and funding for cybersecurity, e-ID, digital privacy, digital health, smart cities, e-government. He was also cabinet member of European Commissioner Liikanen and until recently advisor to the European Commission, DG SANTE on digital health. He worked as manager in a large ICT company and co-founded an ICT start-up. Paul holds a physics PhD from Nijmegen University, MBA from Warwick University, was awarded an EU fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill, and obtained cybersecurity qualification at Harvard.


Clarissa Schmid, clarissa.schmid@tuwien.ac.at

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