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Philipp Frauenthaler Receives the 2019 OCG Sponsorship Award

  • 2019-06-03
  • Award
  • Research

The Austrian Computer Society (OCG) annually awards this prize to the best diploma or master thesis.

Philipp Frauenthaler Receives the 2019 OCG Sponsorship Award

This year’s prize, which was awarded during the Austrian Computer Science Day on 3 June 2019, went to Philipp Frauenthaler from TU Wien Informatics for his diploma thesis “A Framework for Blockchain Interoperability and Runtime Selection“. The award, endowed with 2,000 euros, is presented for outstanding diploma and master theses in the field of informatics.

Philipp Frauenthaler completed his studies in Software Engineering & Internet Computing with distinction in November 2018 and since February 2019 has been researching in the field of Blockchain Interoperability at the Institute for Information Systems Engineering at TU Wien Informatics (Distributed Systems Group). It was by chance that Philipp Frauenthaler came to his master’s thesis topic: Since Bitcoins and Blockchain were increasingly present in the media in 2017, he took part in a seminar by Gernot Salzer and Monika Di Angelo, where he deepened his interest in the topic and finally made it the focus of his master thesis, which was supervised by Stefan Schulte.

Which Blockchain is Best?

Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008, numerous blockchains have been developed. Philipp Frauenthaler developed a special framework for his diploma thesis to support software developers in selecting the most optimal blockchain. It monitors several blockchains, calculates the benefit based on user preferences and determines the most suitable blockchain based on these calculations. Also in his dissertation Frauenthaler will deal with blockchains: A major challenge in this area is the question of how to establish interoperability between isolated blockchain networks.

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