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Ethics and Morality of Robotics

  • 2018-07-11
  • Panel Discussion
  • Public Outreach

Public panel discussion and debate at the Oxford Union, July 16, 2018.

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming ever more prevalent in our society, exerting widespread impact on our daily lives. From self-driving cars, to robots taking over manufacturing jobs, and big data and algorithms influencing public policy, robotics and AI are transforming humanity as we know it. At the same time, there are few occasions where the public can engage directly with experts to discuss where robotics and AI might lead us, and above all, what the ethical and moral considerations should be as we are building towards a future of co-existence with robots and AI.

With over 400 participants, the upcoming LogicLounge on Ethics and Morality of Robotics taking place at the Oxford Union Debating Chamber, on 16 July 2018, 4pm, is filling this gap. In this public panel discussion and debate, we bring together the general public and experts in the fields of computer science, philosophy, law, to discuss the profound ethical and moral implications of robotics, and how a society should gear up for such change.


The public panel discussion and debate will be moderated by Judy Wajcman, Anthony Giddens Prof. of Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She will be joined by a distinguished list of panelists:

  • Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information, University of Oxford
  • Ben Kuipers, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering—specializing in robotics, University of Michigan
  • Francesca Rossi, AI Ethics Global Leader / Distinguished Research Staff Member at IBM Research AI, and Professor of Computer Science—specializing in artificial intelligence, University of Padova
  • Matthias Scheutz , Professor of Computer Science—with a background in logic and cognitive science, Tufts University
  • Sandra Wachter, Lawyer and Research Fellow, University of Oxford and Alan Turing Institute,
  • Jeannette Wing, Avanessians Director of the Data Sciences Institute at Columbia University, former Corporate VP of Microsoft Research with expertise in security and privacy

The LogicLounge on Ethics and Morality of Robotics benefits from a confluence of many of the most prominent computer scientists world-wide attending the large-scale Federated Logic Conference 2018, located in Oxford this summer. The panel discussion is co-organized by the FLoC 2018, and the Vienna Center for Logic (VCLA), the latter of which holds regular LogicLounges, in locations such as Toronto, Heidelberg, Vienna and New York. Since its inception at the Vienna Summer of Logic in 2014, which brought together almost 3000 scientists in the fields of logic, philosophy, mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence, LogicLounge continues to bring together the general public and experts in public debates and discussions.

More on the debate and LogicLounge

Event Organizers

Prof. Georg Weissenbacher, Technische Universität Wien – TU Wien, Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms – VCLA, Email: georg.weissenbacher@tuwien.ac.at

Marta Kwiatkowska, University of Oxford, Department of Computer Science, Email: marta.kwiatkowska@cs.ox.ac.uk

May Chan, Federated Logic Conference 2018 – Public Debate Organizer, Email: may.chan@oxon.org

PR and Media Relations: Mihaela Rozman, TU Wien/VCLA, Email: mihaela.rozman@tuwien.ac.at

Twitter: @floc2018 @vclaTUwien #FLoC2018 #logicLounge

[Text: Mihaela Rozman, VCLA]

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