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Women Techmakers Vienna 2018

  • 2018-03-10
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  • Women in Informatics

Empowerment and inspiration by telling stories about doing great things in STEM

Women are still rare in Computer Science. Therefore, events such as the upcoming event Women Techmakers Vienna 2018 on March 10 at TU Wien are important to raise awareness and to empower women for technology. The event is organized by Women Techmakers Vienna and supported by the Faculty of Informatics.

Gerta Sheganaku, who has recently graduated in Business Informatics at TU Wien, will present her research and will talk about her personal experiences in working in STEM. Women Techmakers Vienna is part of an international event series initiated by Google. Below you find an abstract of Gerta’s talk as well as a short biography.

“Show the women doing great things”

“We try to focus on the accomplishments of technologists that also happen to be women, rather than just focusing on the story of doing something as a woman”, the organizers of the event say. “We know that we need more women in tech and there are issues we face in the industry, but one of the most powerful things we can do to counter act that is to show the women doing great things and what we are achieving.”

Storytelling is one of the core methods, how the volunteers want to empower and inspire interested people to work and study in the STEM fields. The target group of the conference consists of people working or interested in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), both women and men. The program consists of presentations, discussions, networking breaks as well as a kids workshop. The detailed schedule can be found on the website.

Attendance at Women Techmakers Vienna 2018 is free. Please register here.

For more information, please visit our website womentechmakers.at!

Gerta Sheganaku’s talk will take place at 15:00 in the Kuppelsaal, TU Wien.

Abstract: Scalable Business Process Execution in the Cloud

Organizations are increasingly relying on interconnected software processes that orchestrate the interplay of individual services. At the same time, virtually unlimited computing resources are available in cloud environments. In my talk I will address the challenges of cost-optimized process execution in scalable infrastructures and provide a brief overview of the solution I developed in the course of my Master’s thesis, which has been nominated for a best thesis award at Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna). I will share my personal experiences about opportunities that guided, supported, and motivated me along the way.

About: Gerta Sheganaku

Gerta recently finished her M.Sc. in Business Informatics at TU Vienna. During her studies she collaborated with multiple research departments at TU Vienna as well as Data61 (Australia). Her research focused on operations research and cloud optimization, combining methods from mathematical programming with latest container-based virtualization technologies. Gerta has also worked as an IT project manager and business process analyst for a software company in Vienna. She has successfully acquired project funding and managed a cross-organizational R&D project facilitating data analytics for manufacturing processes.


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