Talks by Caterina Urban (ENS Paris) and Alexey Ignatiev (IST/INESC-ID Lisbon)

  • 2015-08-14

The FORSYTE group of the Institute of Information Systems would like to invite you to these two talks.

Caterina Urban

Abstract Interpretation as Automated Deduction

Algorithmic deduction and abstract interpretation are two widely used and successful approaches to implementing program verifiers. A major impediment to combining these approaches is that their mathematical foundations and implementation approaches are fundamentally different. This paper presents a new, logical perspective on abstract interpreters that perform reachability analysis using non-relational domains. We encode reachability of a location in a control-flow graph as satisfiability in a monadic, second-order logic parameterized by a first-order theory. We show that three components of an abstract interpreter, the lattice, transformers and iteration algorithm, represent a first-order, substructural theory, parametric deduction and abduction in that theory, and second-order constraint propagation.

Alexey Ignatiev

Efficient Model Based Diagnosis with Maximum Satisfiability

Model-Based Diagnosis (MBD) finds a growing number of uses in different settings, which include software fault localization, debugging of spreadsheets, web services, and hardware designs, but also the analysis of biological systems, among many others. Motivated by these different uses, there have been significant improvements made to MBD algorithms in recent years. Nevertheless, the analysis of larger and more complex systems motivates further improvements to existing approaches. The talk will briefly describe a work on this topic done at INESC-ID Lisboa, which proposes a novel encoding of MBD into maximum satisfiability (MaxSAT). The new encoding builds on recent work on using Propositional Satisfiability (SAT) for MBD, but identifies a number of key optimizations that are very effective in practice. Experimental results obtained on existing and on the new MBD problem instances, show conclusive performance gains over the current state of the art.


This talk is organized by the FORSYTE group of the Institute of Information Systems.


  • Caterina Urban, ENS PARIS
  • Alexey Ignatiev, IST/INESC-ID, Lisbon, Portugal

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