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Jobs: Communications Expert

TU Wien Informatics is hiring a full-time member of our Communications team.

Picture: Matthew Moisant

TU Wien Informatics is hiring a full-time member of our Communications team. Your role is entirely focused on core communications work. Your expertise supports the dean of TU Wien Informatics, one of the eight faculties at TU Wien, Austria’s largest university for computer science, engineering, and natural sciences.

Your Job

You’ll own and develop the overall communications strategy and brand of TU Wien Informatics. Your focus is on bonding with stakeholders, strategic networking, science communication, and outreach activities.

  • Our events and outreach activities include our biannual Epilog, where we honor our most excellent graduates, the yearly Vienna Gödel Lectures, where we bring world-class scientists to Vienna, and newly established formats like Continuous Learning and our Digital Skills in Parliament initiative. Your tasks will include coordination and critical evaluation of these existing efforts and developing new formats, especially in knowledge transfer and liaising with industry.

  • Our News section on the website, info screens on campus, social media channels, and press contacts facilitate the flow of excellence from within the faculty out into the world. Besides a regular stream of current news and announcements, we also have special formats like our #5QW interview series and long-form articles like the ones on Heinz Zemanek or our Bachelor with Honors program. Your tasks will include bonding with faculty members on all levels to source interesting material, coordinating big announcements and press releases with the university’s public relations department, and engaging with Austrian media, in general, to further enhance the presence of TU Wien Informatics in the public’s eye.

  • Our website is the centerpiece of our communications and brand, so you’ll need a good understanding of how the web works. Most of the site is managed by our tech team, but the content will be your domain, especially the sections that present our latest news and talk directly to our most important stakeholders. You don’t need to be a web developer, but manually writing some Markdown or preparing a picture for the web shouldn’t scare you.

If you already worked in academia, you probably have a good idea of what awaits you. If you come from the industry, you’ll notice that some things are a bit different at TU Wien. But don’t worry, we can guarantee a mindful onboarding process and plenty of time to learn. You’ll work closely with and have the full support of the faculty’s leadership. Some of your tasks will involve recurring day-to-day business, but you’ll have ample time to think deeply and develop, discuss, and implement long-term projects and strategies. And you’ll be part of a team that is happy to answer questions, share their experience, and soak up yours.

Like all non-scientific positions at TU Wien, this is mostly an on-premise job (our offices are located in Vienna’s 4th district, right across the street from Taubstummengasse subway station). TU Wien does offer limited options for mixing remote and on-premise work, though.

This is a level IVa position with a minimum full-time gross annual salary of EUR 37,966.60, as per Austrian university law.

Your Profile

While we will consider all applications, we emphasize that we’re looking for experienced candidates only. We don’t expect you to have all the answers on day one, but you should have been doing this work before. And you want to do it again, with us. Inside knowledge and professional experience of how a large Austrian university works is definitely a plus, but not a requirement. You may have a degree in communications or not. We care about what you know and do, not how you learned it.

We need you because you know things we don’t know and can do things we can’t do. We value your pragmatic, hands-on approach. We expect you to know what you’re doing. Your opinions are strong and well-grounded in professional experience. You concisely communicate and defend your ideas. Yet, when necessary, you can commit, even when you disagree. You expect to give and receive direct open feedback. You expect to be challenged. You expect to be counted on. You are curious and expect to keep learning, forever. And you expect to be part of a team. We’re in this for the long term. And for one reason: to do good work together.

This is a full-time position in a demanding environment which requires your full attention. We want your input, ideas, and creativity for 40 hours a week, but we’re not looking for an overtime superhero. We deeply believe in a healthy work/life balance, and your experience tells you which challenges to tackle full-on and what tasks to simplify, reshape, postpone, or even cancel (in coordination with the faculty’s leadership and the rest of the Communications team).

TU Wien Informatics is an international faculty, so most of our output, and much of our internal communication, is in English, but excellent German is still required.

How to Apply

Applications have to be submitted exclusively via the eRecruiter of TU Wien.

Please submit an application that speaks directly to this position. We are looking for a great communicator, so please don’t just send us your CV along with a generic cover letter. Instead, show us your role in our future and ours in yours. Address highlights of the work you’ve done. Introduce yourself as a colleague. We’re very curious to hear about how you’d approach some of the tasks outlined above. Imagine you’re doing the work and walk us through your process, questions, and ideas. We’re also curious about your language excellence, so please write half of your text in German, and half in English.

There’s no need to submit early; we won’t evaluate any applications until the deadline has arrived. Take your time, think deeply, be concise (less than 1500 words total), and get across what matters to you. We promise you’ll have our full attention!