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Gender-Bias in technology development

  • 2022-04-01
  • Research
  • Social Responsibility

An international online-symposium on gender inclusion and exclusion through technology in our digital society.

Gender-Bias in technology development

  • This is an online-only event.
    See description for details.

In this international virtual symposium, we want to devote ourselves more precisely to why there are gender-specific bias effects in technology research and how these can be recognized and avoided. At the same time, we also want to investigate the question of how we can technologically negotiate non-binary genders. What effects does it have on our society if only what we can map in databases is valid? In the context of the symposium, we will therefore deal with the implications of unfairly distributed data sets using the example of gender and how these implications change what it means to count as human.

The workshop is part of the ÖAW event series “Colloquium Digitale: Digitalisierung, Mensch und Gesellschaft“.

Online Event

We kindly ask you to register via georg.brunner@oeaw.ac.at

Join the event here.

An online symposium with:

Giulia Perugia, Eindhoven University of Technology | Angelika Strohmayer, Northumbria School of Design | Sabine T. Köszegi, TU Wien | Oliver Haimson, University of Michigan School of Information

Moderated and curated by:

Astrid Weiss, TU Wien | Katta Spiel, TU Wien

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