TU Wien Informatics

Bachelor with Honors Requirements

To enroll the program you need to meet objective, performance-based criteria.


Admission Requirements

Since the Bachelor with Honors program aims at nurturing excellence, and offers a high-level, demanding environment for ambitious undergraduates, successful applicants must meet objective, performance-based criteria:

  • Successful completion of at least 72 ECTS of regular mandatory courses within the framework of your bachelor program at the time of application
  • A weighted grade point average ≤ 2.0 (Austrian grades range: 1=excellent to 5=insufficient), with a realistic chance to meet the (stricter) completion criteria
  • An eligible mentor (a professor of the faculty)
  • A coherent Bachelor with Honors program proposal + justification—agreed with your mentor—covering courses from bachelor and master programs worth 45 to 60 ECTS (in addition to the 180 ECTS of your regular bachelor program).

Application Deadlines

Completion Requirements