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First Place in the PACE’19 Competition

  • VCLA
  • Algorithms

André Schidler and Stefan Szeider achieved the first place in a global competition on the applicability of algorithmic ideas.

Stefan Szeider and André Schidler receiving their certificates at PACE’19 © VCLA

André Schidler and Stefan Szeider achieved the first place in the PACE'19 challenge (Parameterized Algorithms and Computational Experiments) with their solver htdSMT (an SMT based solver for hypertree decompositions) in the track Hypertree Width/Exact. André Schidler is an Alumnus of TU Wien Informatics, who, after his research stay at TU Dresden joins us again in October 2019. Stefan Szeider is the head of our Research Unit Algorithms and Complexity Group.

The award ceremony took place on September 13, 2019, in Munich as part of the 19th annual ALGO congress, a leading international gathering of researchers on algorithms in Europe. PACE'19 had three tracks: Vertex Cover, Hypertree Width/Exact, and Hypertree Width/Heuristic. The challenge was sponsored by the NETWORKS project and Data Experts gmbh.

The series of PACE was conceived in 2015 to bridge the divide between the theory of algorithm design and analysis, and the practice of algorithm engineering. The challenges inspire new theoretical developments, and investigate in how far theoretical algorithms from parameterized complexity and related fields are competitive in practice.

Published October 2, 2019