TU Wien Informatics


I am Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in Medical Visualization and Visual Analytics at the Research Unit of Computer Graphics of the Institute of Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology, at TU Wien, Austria.

I investigate and design Visualization and Visual Analytics strategies, which address biological and medical applications. My core interests revolve around the following topics: 

  • Medical Visualization and Visual Analytics, to address the needs of P4 medicine: personalization, predictiveness, preventiveness, and patient participation.
  • Uncertainty Visualization, e.g., to analyze anatomical variability and its effect on treatments, or to investigate uncertainty in biological models. 
  • Ensemble and Comparative Visualization, e.g., to explore big data from large cohorts of patients, or to analyze models and simulations of biological processes.
  • (Augmented) Data Physicalization, to fabricate physical objects from the data for the education of the general public or for training (e.g., combined with AR).


  • Assistant Professor
    Computer Graphics, E193-02
  • Curriculum Commission for Informatics
    Substitute Member