TU Wien Informatics

Nikolas Popper

Senior Scientist DI Dr.techn.

Research Areas

  • Hybrid Simulation, Modelling and Simulation, Model Coupling, Simulation & Data Science, Dynamic Simulation and Visualization, Intervention & Outcome Analysis, Comparative Modeling in Mechatronics, Logistics, Biomedical Engineering and Health Care Systems, Calibration & Validation
Nikolas Popper


Main research interests are theory and applications of modelling & simulation of dynamic and complex systems, especially: comparative modelling & simulation; coupling and comparison of mathematical model approaches; implementation, parametrization, calibration and validation concepts and domain and application integration of simulation models and Health Outcome Research. Niki Popper is chairman of the COMET Initiative DEXHELPP (Decision Support for Health Policy and Planning)

Director DEXHELPP (Decision Support for Health Policy and Planning) ehem. COMET Projekt, Coordinator COCOS (Interfakultäres Zentrum Computational Complex Systems), CSO TU Spin OFF dwh GmbH, Founder "die Drahtwarenhandlung" Science Productions & Data Journalism.

ISPOR (International Society For Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research), Founding President ISPOR Austrian Chapter, Member of the ISPOR Modeling Review Group, SMDM (Society for Medical Decision Making) Member, EUROSIM (Federation of European Simulation Societies), Secretary and Chair of Technical Committee “Data Driven System Simulation”, ASIM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Simulation - Simulation Society of German Speaking Countries), Board Member, Vice Spokesperson “Methods in Modelling and Simulation“ & “Environmental and Geo Sciences, Medicine and Biology”


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  • Object-oriented Multi-domain Modelling of Machine Tools: A Case Study / Heinzl, B., Landsiedl, M., Popper, N., Dimitriou, A.-A., Dür, F., Bleicher, F., Reinisch, C., & Breitenecker, F. (2012). Object-oriented Multi-domain Modelling of Machine Tools: A Case Study. In Proceedings of the European Modeling and Simulation Symposium, 2012 (pp. 471–476). http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12708/54485 / Project: INFO