TU Wien Informatics

Helwig Hauser

Privatdoz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Research Areas

  • Computer Graphics, Visualization





  • Best paper award (one out of three) at EuroVis 2007 (www.EuroVis.org) / Sweden / 2007
  • Heinz Zemanek Preis (OCG, http://www.ocg.at/activities/preise/zemanekpreis/) / Austria / 2006
  • Best paper award at SimVis 2005 (www.SimVis.org) / Germany / 2005

Soon, this page will include additional information such as reference projects, activities as journal reviewer and editor, memberships in councils and committees, and other research activities.

Until then, please visit Helwig Hauser’s research profile in TISS .