TU Wien Informatics

20 Years

Ewa Vesely


Research Areas

  • Work-Life-Management, Individual Trainer, Polish and Russian, Balance between academia/work and care, Dual Career and Integration Services Expert Group, Questions concerning child care and care of family relatives, board member of KiB child care, SAP, Representative for child care, Member of the Works Council of the General Univ. Staff, Organisational work for conferences, Grants Management of Collaborative Research and Financial Issues, English and Italian
Ewa Vesely


  • Vereinbarkeit vom Beruf/Forschung und Pflege von Angehörigen
    2016 / HR Inside Summit Award 2016, BRONZE / Austria / Website
  • Unterstützungsmaßnahmen für pflegende Angehörige
    2016 / Austria / Website

Soon, this page will include additional information such as reference projects, activities as journal reviewer and editor, memberships in councils and committees, and other research activities.

Until then, please visit Ewa Vesely’s research profile in TISS .