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Berta Karlik Lecture

  • 2023-03-08
  • Research
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  • Sustainability

This lecture organized by ÖAW brings together female researchers from different disciplines. Ivona Brandic (TU Wien Informatics) will speak on Sustainable IT.

Berta Karlik Lecture
Picture: stock.adobe.com

50 years ago, Berta Karlik became the first woman to be elected as a real member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). As director of an ÖAW institute and as full professor at the University of Vienna, the physicist left a significant mark on the Austrian research landscape.

With the Berta Karlik Lecture, the ÖAW honors Karlik’s achievements and takes the occasion of the International Women’s Day to draw attention to research by its female members.

Ivona Brandic, Professor for High Performance Computing Systems at the Institute of Information Systems Engineering and leader of the HPC Research Group, will be one of four lecturers. In her talk, she will present the Principles of Sustainable IT.


Here you can find the detailed event program. Most of the event will be held in German.


To join the event, please register until March 3rd via this link. You will find a live stream of the lecture here.

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