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Niki Popper Receives 2021 Gerhart Bruckmann Prize

  • 2021-10-20
  • Award
  • Excellence

The Austrian Statistical Society (ÖSG) has awarded this year’s Gerhart Bruckmann Prize to Niki Popper.

Niki Popper
Niki Popper

Since 2015, the Austrian Statistical Society (ÖSG) has awarded the Gerhart Bruckmann Prize to people with a special connection to Austria “whose activities have contributed to improving the status of statistics in the public sphere.” By awarding this prize, the ÖSG aims to raise awareness and motivate society as a whole and, particularly, its thought leaders and decision-makers to handle statistical information correctly and responsibly.

This year’s Gerhart Bruckmann Prize has been award to Niki Popper of our research unit Information and Software Engineering.


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