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Dana Scott: “Free Logic: Its Formalization and some Applications“

  • 2019-09-30
  • Research
  • VCLA

Formalization and models for classical and intuitionistic logic.

Dana Scott: “Free Logic: Its Formalization and some Applications“

Karel Lambert (Emeritus Professor, UC Irvine) gave the subject its name and its profile as a well defined field of research over 60 years ago. “Free logic” is logic free of existential presuppositions in general and with respect to singular terms in particular. This talk will discuss its formalization and models for both classical and intuitionistic logic. Applications to understanding properties of descriptions, virtual classes, and structures with partial functions will be presented.

About Dana Scott

ACM A.M. Turing Award (1976, together with Michael O. Rabin) for their joint paper “Finite Automata and Their Decision Problem,” which introduced the idea of nondeterministic machines, which has proved to be an enormously valuable concept. Their (Scott & Rabin) classic paper has been a continuous source of inspiration for subsequent work in this field. Full bio at ACM.


Matthias Baaz, Agata Ciabattoni

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