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Doctoral Thesis Topics

The first step towards your doctoral degree is to find the topic of your thesis. Have a look at our open topics, and browse recently completed theses.

Open Topics

Finding an exciting thesis topic is crucial — after all, you will spend years of your life researching it. Typically a supervisor offers topics that fit into a larger research context within their group, like long-term vision, projects, or Doctoral Colleges. Your benefit in choosing one of these topics is that some may come with funding, and you can build on existing experience and infrastructure within an established research group.

Topics in TISS

Open topics are usually announced via TISS. To see all available doctoral thesis topics, please configure the TISS search form as follows (we unfortunately can’t provide a direct link):

  1. Visit tiss.tuwien.ac.at/thesis/theses.xhtml.
  2. Click the “Extended Search” button
  3. Set thesis type to “Dissertation”
  4. Set faculty to “Faculty of Informatics”

Additional Topics



You are a member of TU Wien Informatics, but prefer to not announce your topics in TISS? Simply send us an email with title, expiration date, supervisor name, and URL of additional information and we’ll add them here.

Completed Topics

Recently Completed

We are proud of every single candidate who graduates with us!

Here is a list of some of our most recent doctoral theses:

The TU Wien Publication Database has the full list of all our completed theses.