TU Wien Informatics

Our Programs

MOOC: Programming with Processing

Opened in 2017 and part of the eduLAB, our Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Programming with Processing 1 and Programming with Processing 2 help all aspiring students make their way into informatics. While the courses were originally intended to phase in first-year students, we widened the MOOCs’ scope to specifically reach girls in school and young women who consider a bachelor program in informatics. Therefore, we put an emphasis on a gender-sensitive design of the courses. Our MOOCs are available at iMooX.at. With a simple and free registration interested persons–above all pupils, lecturers, students of all fields of study as well the general public–can access the MOOCs for free.


In our eduLAB, we develop and offer various educational activities for pupils and teachers. In age-appropriate workshops, we encourage young people to explore the basic principles and methods of informatics playfully. A permanent exhibition, “Abenteuer Informatik,” introduces kids to the fantastic adventure that is informatics through entertaining puzzles, magical tricks, and group activities. The Buddies@School program provides teachers with educational material, didactical methods, and tutoring right in their classrooms.

Programming for Female First-Year Students

Since not all first-year students bring the same prerequisites from their schools, we offer a preparatory course: Programming for Female First-Year Students. This course is one of our women’s advocacy activities. It offers a week-long intensive introduction to Processing and Java, usually in mid-September. Participants are subsequently introduced to the basics of Java. This interactive and extensive course switches between lectures and practical exercises.

ADA - Algorithmen denken anders

The ADA project stands for the creative engagement with computational thinking that is increasingly crucial for innovation and growth. One of its activities is the “Diary of a Female Computer Scientist”, a workshop held at schools that inspires girls between the ages of 13 and 16 for technology and informatics. Coordinated by TU Wien, we collaborate with TU Graz, JKU Linz, and the Universities of Klagenfurt and Salzburg.

TU Wien Programs

Daughter’s Day

On the annual TU Wien Daughter’s Day, schoolgirls between the ages of 11 and 16 have the opportunity to gain authentic insights into our everyday life in informatics and technology.


As part of TU Wien’s techNIKE program,we offer summer workshops for girls aged 10 to 14 to get them excited about technology.

Online Mentoring for Female Students

With TU Wien’s Online Mentoring , schoolgirls and first-year students can find out more about the day-to-day student life at TU Wien from advanced students.

Other Programs

FIT Career Orientation Days for Girls

For schoolgirls between 15 and 19 we offer workshops as part of the FIT Career Orientation Days for Girls, where we provide insights into and information about our bachelor programs, research fields, and the professional life at the faculty.