TU Wien Informatics

Our Initiatives

We at TU Wien Informatics are aware of our manifold roles and responsibilities. All our actions are guided by our dedication to excellence and our commitment to society.

Education & Teaching

Abenteuer Informatik

Opened in 2019, our permanent exhibition introduces kids to the amazing adventure that is Informatics. They experience first-hand the fundamental principles of our discipline through entertaining puzzles, magical tricks, and group activities.

Excellence in Research and Teaching

Bachelor with Honors

With our excellence program Bachelor with Honors we enable outstanding undergraduates from all our Bachelor’s programs to prove their potential in individually designed challenges. We aim to nurture their talents and to engage them in scientific research at an early point.

Social Responsibility

Centre for Informatics and Society (CIS)

Founded in 2016, our Centre for Informatics and Society seeks to bridge the gap between academic research and technological advancements in Informatics and the societal impact and challenges arising from these developments.

Excellence in Research and Teaching

International Advisory Board (IAB)

Formed in 2016, our International Advisory Board (IAB) reviews performance and offers guidance to influence and shape the strategy of TU Wien Informatics.


Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms (VCLA)

Our VCLApromots international scientific collaboration in logic and algorithms. Moreover, the VCLA outreach activities are aimed towards raising aspirations of young people for academic pursuits and to raise awareness on the impact of the research done in the areas of logic, philosophy, mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence among the general public alike.

Social Responsibility

Vienna Gödel Lectures

Named after the famous mathematician and introduced in 2013, the Vienna Gödel Lectures bring world-class scientists to Vienna. The lecture series illustrates the fundamental and disruptive contribution of computer science to our information society. It investigates how our discipline explains and shapes the world we live in—and thereby our lives as such. Since Donald E. Knuth (Caltech), one of the most influential computer scientists, gave the series’s inaugural lecture in 2013, we invited some of the most distinguished scientists to give the annual lecture.

Excellence in Research

Vienna PhD School of Informatics

The framework of the Vienna PhD School of Informatics intends to generate scientists who have broad knowledge and expertise in the domain (breadth) and contribute to the development of the sciences (depth) through independent research. Our graduates gain new scientific insight and are able to present results comprehensively. They are able to solve complex scientific problems in both fundamental and applied research at a high international level and according to accepted scientific standards.

Social Responsibility


Founded in 2015, Welcome.TU.code offers young asylum seekers an opportunity to further their education and find prospects for their future lives. The three-leveled course program introduces participants to computer science subjects at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, according to their previous knowledge.

Social Responsibility

Women in Informatics

We believe that the promotion of women is not necessary because they have special deficits but because there exist barriers. We have a long history of opening doors for women and girls in Informatics, from the classroom to the laboratory. We achieve this by considering the different life situations and interests of women and men in research and teaching. The actions we take to foster the advancement of women make an impact and raise awareness in every stage of life.