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A habilitation is the highest academic qualification you can achieve by your own pursuit—and we’ll guide you through the process.



Purpose of a Habilitation

The objective of a habilitation at TU Wien Informatics is to document scientific maturity that is comparable to the scientific qualifications which are required for a tenured professorship. It should also show that your research can be considered at the forefront of international research in one or more specific research fields of informatics. Lasting, significant contribution, the ability to formulate research questions, and to conduct independent ressearch should be demonstrated. Since people who receive a habilitation may supervise Master’s and doctoral theses and teach, experience on an academic or university level has to be presented.


1. Pre-Habilitation Procedure

Prior to submitting the habilitation thesis (typically one year before submission), you are requested to present the proposition in a public scientific lecture directed at our permanent habilitated staff. The lecture is supplemented with your CV, a full list of publications (in case of a cumulative thesis: with an indication of the five to eight papers which are intended to form your habilitation thesis). The 45 min-lecture is followed by a discussion. It sets the context, gives an overview of the research field ("state of the art"), and presents your specific contributions.

A committee (not to be confused with the habilitation commission, which will be appointed later) consisting of two habilitated or otherwise equivalently qualified members of the faculty, but excluding members of your own research unit, gives a recommendation on the habilitation submission and the continuation of the process. The attending staff is invited to state an opinion, the mentor is not allowed to be present in the discussion. The dean of the faculty conveys the response to you on the day after the presentation at the earliest.

Each semester one day with three slots for presentations by prospective habilitation candidates is scheduled. In case there are more candidates than slots, the dean may postpone applications to the next semester. Applications from internal persons (especially those with qualification agreements) will have higher priority than external candidates.

In the 2019/20 winter term, the presentation date is November 27, 2019 from 9am to 1pm (Seminarraum Zemanek [FAV Hörsaal 3]), registration deadline November 5.

To register for a presentation date, send an email to dekanat@informatik.tuwien.ac.at containing the following documents:

  • Abstract (half a page)
  • CV
  • List of publications
  • for cumulative habilitation theses: Indicate those five to eight papers which are intended to form your thesis

2. Habilitation Procedure

After submission of the habilitation thesis, the commission is formed, and reviewers are named by TU Wien’s senate. In the first meeting, reviewers hand in their reviews and your additional documents. Furthermore, the topic and date of the trial lecture is set. Normally, you will defend your thesis after a maximum of six months. The trial lecture is scheduled at least two weeks before the defense.

The defense takes the form of a public presentation of up to 45 minutes, covering state-of-the-art and specific contributions, and a questioning and discussion of up to a maximum of two hours. The habilitation commission reconvenes at the earliest two days but not later than two weeks after the defense. It decides on wether habilitation is granted or rejected. The dean conveys the decision to you.


Legal Basis and Statutes

The habilitation procedure is regulated in § 103 of the UG 2002 and in the amended statute of TU Wien for habilitation procedures. The amendment to the articles of association was published in the Bulletin No. 24/2018 on 18 October 2018. This "new" statute applies to all habilitation commissions from 1 November 2018. At the same time, Explanations on the Constitutional Part of the Habilitation Procedure as well as Criteria for the Prevention of Bias (for habilitation procedures: Part 2 from page 5) were decided and announced for the first time.

For detailed information on the habilitation procedure at TU Wien Informatics, please refer to the New Guidelines for Applicants and Reviewers for the Habilitation at the Faculty of Informatics at Vienna University of Technology. (decided in the Faculty Council on 26.06.2019).