From lab to market – will it work?

  • 2014-05-21
  • Talk

Lessons learned from founding a spin-off at TU Vienna


In the past few years we have been working on several research projects in the area of inter-organizational systems. New concepts, methodologies, and standards have been developed and been well acknowledged by the research community. Based on results from our last research project, we decided to found our own business in 2011. Will the market accept the results and can we sustain the existing competition on the market? Which compromises have to be made? In this talk we give an insight into the experiences we have made, and the obstacles we had to master during our journey from university to market.


Philipp Liegl studied Business Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology, where he continued to work in several research projects afterwards. His research focuses on inter-organizational communication, in particular business document and business processes design, as well as electronic data interchange (EDI) in general. Furthermore, he is interested in Java-based Web-application development and frameworks. Since 2004 he is actively involved in the development of the Austrian e-Invoicing standard ebInterface, which has become the mandatory format of choice for delivering electronic invoices to the Republic of Austria on 1.1.2014. Previously he has also been involved in the activities of UN/CEFACT, where he has been working on UML-based concepts for business document and business process modeling for inter-organizational business processes.


This lecture is part of the “Public Lecture Series on Innovation Cases” and organized by the Informatics Innovation Center and Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems.


  • Philipp Liegl, ecosio


  • i²c, Informatics Innovation Center

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