Research Challenges in Robotics

  • 2008-01-23

Mobile autonomous robots can perform complex tasks in unstructured and dynamic environments…

Mobile autonomous robots can perform complex tasks in unstructured and dynamic environments. Advances in autonomous mobile robotics over the last decade have been extraordinary, and the potential for future scientificbreakthroughs and applications is breathtaking. This talk will identify and highlight some research bottlenecks to future advancement, and highlight the need for robots to ground their perceptions and knowledge. In order for a system to achieve its objectives it must ground its representations: a grounded representation is one where the entities in the representation correspond meaningfully to the entities they represent. I will describe a new framework for analysing and comparing grounding capabilities in systems. The framework can be used at a theoretical level to analyse grounding capabilities in systems, and it also offers a practical guide to assist the design and construction of systems with more effective grounding capabilities.

About Mary-Anne Williams

Mary-Anne Williams is a Research Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney and Director of the Innovation and Technology Research Laboratory. She has been a Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School and currently holds a Guest Professorship at University of Science and Technology China, a prestigious research university which was established by the Chinese Academy of Science and one of the top five universities in China. Mary-Anne is an international expert Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Knowledge Representation. She has over a hundred publications including papers in the leading *Journal of Artificial Intelligence*, and top conferences such as the International Joint Conference in Artificial Intelligence. Mary-Anne works closely with industry partners including IBM, Google and Visualrisk to ensure her research has relevance and impact. She has developed several new models for knowledge representation in complex dynamic environments in a wide range of application areas from robotics to risk management. Mary-Anne is Past President of Knowledge Representation Inc (KR Inc) a US based International Scientific Research Foundation. She is a member of the Australian Research Council’s College of Experts, the Artificial Intelligence Journal Editorial Board, and the American Artificial Intelligence Association/MIT Press Editorial Board among others. Mary-Anne’s current research focuses on the development of computational models and strategies for intelligent cognitive agents and robots. Mary-Anne has extensive experience in teaching, developing degree programs. Mary-Anne Williams is an Olga Taussky Pauli Fellow.

Mit Unterstuetzung des Wolfgang-Pauli-Instituts (WPI) und des Zentrums fuer Informatikforschung (ZIF) - Center for Computer Science (CCS)


  • Mary-Anne Williams, University of Technology, Sydney

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