Vienna Logic Weeks 2012

  • 2012-09-03
  • Research

Computational Logic in the Spotlight, with the plenary speaker Robert Kowalski

  • All day event.

The Vienna Logic Weeks 2012 present a unique opportunity to experience several academic events from logic-related areas in the course of two weeks in September 2012. These events include the Reasoning Web 2012 Summer School, the 6th International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems, the 4th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument and the Datalog 2.0 2012 Workshop.

The eminent logician and computer scientist Robert Kowalski will be the plenary speaker at the Vienna Logic Weeks 2012 with his talk “Towards a Logic-based, Unifying Framework for Computing” (see abstract).


September 03-08, 2012

Reasoning Web 2012 Summer School

September 10-12, 2012

6th International Conference of Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR 2012)

September 10-12, 2012

4th International Conference on Computational Models of Argument (COMMA 2012)

September 11-13, 2012

Datalog 2.0 2012 Workshop


Vienna University of Technology, main building

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Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms (VCLA)

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