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Opening of the Informatics Innovation Center (i²c)

  • 2012-03-06
  • Event

An inspiring keynote will be presented by Duane Nickull, a serial entrepreneur and senior standards architect from Vancouver/Canada.

Innovative Thinking powered by i²c

The Informatics Innovation Center is an initiative of the Faculty of Informatics implementing innovation as the 3rd pillar next to research and education. The Faculty aims to strategically place itself as an open “web of excellence” at the European level at which the Informatics Innovation Center will integrate research, teaching, and innovation. The i²c engages not only in strengthening the cooperation with industry which is perfectly aligned with the focus of the European Research Programs (e.g. HORIZON 2020 – the Framework Program for Research and Innovation) and their evolving initiatives but also in providing a supplementary curriculum on innovation in addition to the master studies taught at the Faculty of Informatics. The i²c provokes and educates innovative thinking in order to provide research and industry with alumni who will either become entrepreneurs themselves or innovative employees, and thus, positions TU Vienna internationally amongst well-known, top ranked universities providing top quality education on innovation.

Duane Nickull is a successful veteran of high tech start-ups (Yellow Dragon Software Corporation, XML Global Technologies, Uberity), an elected Vice Chair of the United Nations CEFACT Steering Group and Architecture, senior standards architect, and senior data architect. During his experience building three companies, including selling one company to Adobe Systems, he has amassed a large amount of knowledge and learned from many mistakes. He is named on pending patents pertaining to XML indexing and retrieval covering 51 unique points and has filed 3 patents for Adobe Systems in 2008-2009. Additionally, D. Nickull published his knowledge in many articles and books (e.g. Web 2.0 Architectures: What Entrepreneurs and Information Architects Need to Know, O’Reilly). He is also an excellent musician (22nd Century is leading the punk rock scene in Canada), cynic, athlete (former Canadian national team down hill mountain biker), and first class antagonist.


Welcome and Opening

  • Sabine Seidler, Rector of the TU Vienna
  • Gerald Steinhardt, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, TU Vienna
  • Alexander Van der Bellen, Commissioner for Universities and Science, City of Vienna
  • Birgit Hofreiter, Head of i²c, TU Vienna

Keynote Speech

  • “Start-Up – Heaven or Hell” Duane Nickull, Serial Entrepreneur, Vancouver/Canada

Duane Nickull will talk about challenges and choices faced by new technology companies during their most vulnerable and critical early phases. He will share some of the top advice that can only be learned from experience, will delve into the challenges faced, and provide ways to migrate threats many face.

Moderation: Hannes Werthner, Director of i²c, TU Vienna

Please join us for a get2gether with buffet after the opening event.


  • i²c, Informatics Innovation Center

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