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The Need for a Re-Definition of Web Engineering Based on Web Science

  • 2010-04-15

Since its emergence as a research topic in the mid-1990’s, Web Engineering has struggled to comprehensively define itself.

Die Business Informatics Group lädt gemeinsam mit der Fakultät für Informatik der TU Wien und der Österreichischen Computer Gesellschaft zu folgendem Vortrag ein:


Since its emergence as a research topic in the mid-1990’s, Web Engineering has struggled to comprehensively define itself. Initially it was the goal of its practitioners to identify a means of distinguishing Web Engineering (WE) from the broader definition of Software Engineering (SE) by pointing out those attributes of WE that are lacking in the most widely accepted definitions of SE. The emergence of Web Science as a research discipline has offered Web Engineers the opportunity to define the scope of WE and specify the scientific framework within which it operates. A redefined Web Engineering should incorporate all the rigorous design methods present in the original definition of WE but also provide mechanisms for the incorporation of tools and techniques native to the other disciplines comprising Web Science (e.g., sociology, law, etc.). It should reflect how the knowledge, data and insights resulting from Web Science research might be applied to future constructions in the Web in a systematic manner. A new definition of WE should not be solely couched in the technological terms familiar only to computer scientists or software engineers. Web Engineering needs to be a domain whose tools and methods are available to all knowledge domains that affect or are affected by Web technology.


Bebo White is a Departmental Associate (Emeritus) at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, the U.S. national laboratory for high-energy physics and basic energy science at Stanford University. Working as a computational physicist, he first became involved with the emerging World Wide Web technology while on sabbatical at CERN in 1989. Upon his return he was a part of the team that established the first American Web site at SLAC (the fifth site in the world). Ever since, his academic and research interests have evolved in parallel with Web technology. In addition to his work at SLAC, he also holds faculty appointments at several other institutions, is involved with a number of major conferences series, and is a frequent conference speaker.


Kontaktperson an der TU Wien: Katja Hildebrandt, Tel. +43/1/58801–18804


  • Bebo White, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Menlo Park, CA USA


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